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Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is the major emphasis of Ward Rugh, Inc. We're dedicated to protecting and developing the natural relationship that has existed between Timothy hay and the growing areas which we procure...the Kittitas Valley and Columbia Basin.  The story of Timothy hay and the area in which it's grown is an excellent illustration of the cultural and environmental harmonies that parallel the history and heritage of this exceptional Northwest agricultural region of the United States.

Because customer demand for Timothy hay has increased significantly each year since 1980, the Kittitas Valley and Columbia Basin cannot produce the volume demanded by the marketplace. To meet the demand of the market, particularly the Japanese and Korean Dairy industry, we are now seeing more dryland acreage for Timothy hay located in Eastern WA and Idaho.  

For over 80-years, the thoroughbred Horse industry has looked to Ward Rugh, Inc. as a consistent supplier of premium quality Timothy hay for their horses.

Since the early 80's, we have seen the demand for Timothy hay in Japan increase dramatically due to the realization by Dairy farmers that Timothy hay will help the Dairymen meet the butterfat requirements in the milk because of the natural fiber of Timothy hay. They have also proved to themselves that by feeding Timothy hay to their cows, the cows are healthier and will be more productive for a longer period of time. Because of these factors, the Japanese dairy market has become our largest user of Timothy hay.

Alfalfa Hay

Although Timothy hay is our primary product, the procurement, processing and marketing of Alfalfa hay makes up a large part of the balance of our product line. It is our goal to gradually expand our Alfalfa business in the years to come. We believe we have the capacity and the expertise to accomplish our goals. While most of the Alfalfa is going to the Dairy markets in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and the Middle East, we have also earned an excellent reputation with the horse owners, breeders and trainers in these countries. The bulk of the Alfalfa that we export comes from the Columbia Basin where the growing conditions are ideal for growing top quality Alfalfa hay.

Sudan Grass

Sudan grass has become a viable crop for our growing area. Growers are finding that Sudan grass can be a good rotation crop in terms of cleaning up the ground and providing a marketable forage product for the export market.

Others Products

We also market a limited volume of other forage products such as Oat hay, Oat straw and Orchard grass.

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